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Who is Dwight Spencer?

Dwight Spencer Poconos Blues Keyboard Player

Dwight Spencer at the Annual Chris London (Friars Point) Blues Jam

Dwight Spencer is one of the Poconos’ hidden musical gems. He has been playing keyboard with local musicians, for over 40 years. Dwight may have actually played with every single blues musician, in the Poconos, at least once. The list of people he has played with, and met, is so enormous that the list would fill volumes of books. From what I have gathered so far, Dwight Spencer has played with the late Gary Curtis in No Money Down; The Blues Brethren – featuring Chris Barnes; and currently is playing keys in the most popular local blues band, in the Poconos, called Friars Point. I have had the distinct honor and privilege of being part of his recent ascension to local fame, by being a guitarist, in the Blues Brethren, with Dwight himself. “Dwight is a fantastic traditional player of the blues” states The Blues Dude. Dwight really captures a good deal of history in his playing, due to his immense laundry list of experienced blues players he has played with. If you are looking for that authentic blues keyboard sound check out Dwight Spencer in Friars Point.


Below you will find a link of a video provided by Chris London (Friars Point), a Poconos Blues Guitar Legend, this was taken a long time ago.

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Hi there everyone! The judges (us) have selected the winning pic!!Congratulations to the winner of the photo contest, Seth Werkheiser. Like we promised it is prominently displayed on the top of our website, and it is the first thing you see. To find out more about seth, please visit his site, This picture was selected due to angle, lighting, content, color filtering and just all around timing. The Blues Dude thanks you so much, for watching us play and for sending in this pic. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!! Thanks again!!!

Photo Taken By Seth Werkheiser

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Hello everyone,

So a short story about how the website got its main photo.

So a few days ago a couple friends of mine were just walking down Main Street in Downtown Stroudsburg, when they started to wonder how I have been doing. Jessica and Melissa, avid hikers, were actually just getting with their morning hike up Mt. Tamany, and thought to themselves how a healthy shake from Quench would perfect to restore their body’s with nutrients and minerals after the intense mountain climb. All the sudden as they were wondering why I was not on the hike with them, they looked over, and to their surprise, they saw me playing across the street from Quench. Because this was the first time they had seen me play live when Jess got to talk to me during our break she said,  “What a coincidence, we were just thinking about you. We looked over there and there you were.” I thought it was an awesome coincidence myself. So Jessica Keller, who is also one of the top realtors at Remax in the Poconos, began to take a few photos with her iPhone. I was so happy to see them because this gig was a last minute favor, and opportunity to “get out of the basement” for all of us who have been practicing for days like that. After all the whole point of music is that it should be shared, and people were dancing and singing and having a great time to our music. So glad for this day.