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Who is Dwight Spencer?

Dwight Spencer Poconos Blues Keyboard Player

Dwight Spencer at the Annual Chris London (Friars Point) Blues Jam

Dwight Spencer is one of the Poconos’ hidden musical gems. He has been playing keyboard with local musicians, for over 40 years. Dwight may have actually played with every single blues musician, in the Poconos, at least once. The list of people he has played with, and met, is so enormous that the list would fill volumes of books. From what I have gathered so far, Dwight Spencer has played with the late Gary Curtis in No Money Down; The Blues Brethren – featuring Chris Barnes; and currently is playing keys in the most popular local blues band, in the Poconos, called Friars Point. I have had the distinct honor and privilege of being part of his recent ascension to local fame, by being a guitarist, in the Blues Brethren, with Dwight himself. “Dwight is a fantastic traditional player of the blues” states The Blues Dude. Dwight really captures a good deal of history in his playing, due to his immense laundry list of experienced blues players he has played with. If you are looking for that authentic blues keyboard sound check out Dwight Spencer in Friars Point.


Below you will find a link of a video provided by Chris London (Friars Point), a Poconos Blues Guitar Legend, this was taken a long time ago.

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