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What car, new or old, reminds you most of Blues Music?

I was recently talking to a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a fellow musician, named Cog, that’s short for Cogan, about some history of the Blues. Cog hosts an Open Mic at Sarah’s Corner Cafe on every Tuesday night in downtown Stroudsburg at 700 Main St. on the corner of 7th street. The conversation started to become very interesting when the topic of cars came up, and how different cars reminded us of different Blues artists. Then I asked him what he thought was the car that reminded him most of Blues music. He replied, “the Buick Roadmaster.” I was so intrigued as to why it was his answer, so I asked him why he chose that particular car. He said, he vaguely remembers a John Lee Hooker album cover that had a Buick Roadmaster on the front cover, so that was the reason he chose that car as his answer. Below is a picture of this old American Classic car obtained by wikipedia.

The Blues Dude, wants to know what you think is the car that reminds YOU most of the Blues? Please answer in the comment section below the article.

A true blues car of the 1950’s. Photo used under the GNU public license.


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