The Blues Dude

Carryin' on the Blues legacy

Blues Dude & Friends Playing Bushstock Sep 8th!

Bushstock Music Festival

Bushstock Music Festival, featuring a great line-up of bands, including The Blues Dude

To all my fans that are and fans to be, I just want to say thanks for helping to make this past summer the most successful summer we have ever had. The Blues Dude & Friends got invited to play more venues than ever before and is still getting invited to play a few more places, while the warm weather is still holding out for us.
I wanted to personally invite everybody out to our next gig. The location is Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar located on 209 Bushkill. It will be a great line-up that day since there will be many other great bands playing that day. Personally I am very excited to see and hear everyone.
The line-up is as follows –

  • 2:00 – (MYSELF) The Blues Dude & Friends
  • 2:50 – Nite Train
  • 3:30 – T-Birds
  • 4:30 – Niwana & Bill
  • 4:45 – The Kelchner Brothers
  • 5:30 – The Don Hoffman Band
  • 6:30 – Friars Point
  • 7:15 – James Supra Band
  • 8:00 – Eddie Bluestone Trio
  • 9:00 – Freefall
  • 9:30 – (MYSELF) The Gary Curtis All Stars, featuring The Blues Dude

There will be something there for everyone.
The Price is affordable for everyone!! Just 10 Dollars for the Day!! Can’t Beat that. Part of the proceeds will go to the Monroe Country Diabetes Foundation and to make the event possible.

Live Blues Music in the Water Gap, By The Blues Dude, and the Tony Dellaria Quartet

Yesterday, Sunday August 5th at 6:00, The Blues Dude and the Tony Dellaria Quartet fired up the Delaware Water Gap with their thrilling, high energy, blues band. People came rushing off the streets to hear the roaring sounds of The Blues Dude and The Tony Dellaria Quartet. The quiet streets began to fill up with the seasoned sounds of Blues music, played only with the greatest respect to the artists that have gone before them. People were drawing in from everywhere to hear the cool, clean, authentic tones and lyrics that only Blues can offer.

Photo of Tony Dellaria

Delaware Water Gap, 2013, Pennsylvania, Our front of the Church on the Mountain. 

The thunderous thumping coming from Tony Dellaria himself, was life a clock the size of a mountain, ticking away while keeping everything moving at a pace. Tony’s approach to drums is like a pace more than a race, therefore keeping the music groovin and flowing like the Mississippi river. Tony plays with many other musicians in Pocono Mountains and surrounding areas, such as Brian O’Malley, Bobby Kyle, and Pieter Holland.


Photo of Dennis Grove

Dennis Grove, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. 6:00PM Playing Bass

Dennis Grove playing the bass, out of his Hartke Cabinet. Dennis has many decades of experience behind him, in and around the Pocono Mountain area, which helps to lend a bottom end to the groove Grove creates. Dennis also performed a classic Allman Brothers song called one way out. Dennis’s applause was great to hear due to the original Bass player Rick Madigan not being able to perform that day due to being asked to perform at the Deerhead Inn at the very same time.

Photo of Dwight Spencer

Dwight Spencer, 2013, Delaware Water Gap, PA, 6:00pm, Photo by Paul Smeltz

The organs start to rumble the earth with Dwight Spencer, The Blues Dispenser, and people start looming around to see what’s going on in front of the Church. Dwight uses a realtime leslie simulator to capture the authentic sounds of the greatest organ and keyboard players of our time, while adding his own unique ingredients to the mix. Dwight had just finished up a gig at Musicfest with Friars Point, at Levitt stage. I asked him how it went and he said, “It was unbelievable, our whole band was piped in through enormous speaker arrays, all throughout the Bethlehem Steel Stacks.”

Photo of The Blues Dude (Jeremiah Williams)

The Blues Dude (Jeremiah Williams), 2013, Delaware Water Gap, PA, Out front of the Shawnee Church of the Mountain, Performing for the Concert Series.

Then the sun came through the clouds right as The Blues Dude grabbed his Fender Telecaster and turned all the knobs clockwise, while relentlessly stretching the strings across the fretboard. The combined sound was awesome. Everyone stopped and stared as these musicians began playing true soulful blues. The Blues Dude kicked it of with a couple classic blues riffs and began singing his heart out.

The response from the audience was so impressive people were wandering over from the neighborhood to see if someone was playing a loud radio, yet were surprised to find out that even though it sounded as good as any song on the radio today, it was old fashioned live music. The crowd filled in the empty spaces left on the lawn and began to enjoy the Free Concert that was being presented by the Shawnee Church on the Mountain, and the Poconos Arts Council.

We wanted to give a special thanks to Paul Smeltz for taking these great pictures of our band and invite you to visit his website, which attempts to promote art in and around the Pocono Mountains. His website address is thanks again Paul.