The Blues Dude

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Gary Curtis 2015 Was A Blast!

The Blues Dude - Jeremiah Wiliams

The Blues Dude – Jeremiah Williams

From all of us, we just wanted to say thanks to all who attended and screamed, danced and hollered holy hell!! We all had such a good time performing for you! What an amazing audience you all were. We were told that we would be asked to play again next year.  We will see you again soon.

Gary Curtis left us with a ton of wonderful music which has been an inspiration to me and my band. From the first album we heard by No Money Down until now Gary Curtis has been revitalizing blues music in the Pocono Mountains through our music and many others.

Thanks again and keep checking the site for updates on dates and upcoming events that we will be performing at. We will be updating the site with some photos from the gig as well.

Stay tuned folks.

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