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Gary Curtis 2015 Was A Blast!

The Blues Dude - Jeremiah Wiliams

The Blues Dude – Jeremiah Williams

From all of us, we just wanted to say thanks to all who attended and screamed, danced and hollered holy hell!! We all had such a good time performing for you! What an amazing audience you all were. We were told that we would be asked to play again next year.  We will see you again soon.

Gary Curtis left us with a ton of wonderful music which has been an inspiration to me and my band. From the first album we heard by No Money Down until now Gary Curtis has been revitalizing blues music in the Pocono Mountains through our music and many others.

Thanks again and keep checking the site for updates on dates and upcoming events that we will be performing at. We will be updating the site with some photos from the gig as well.

Stay tuned folks.

Sadly, B.B. KING cancels 8 shows

Mr. King fell ill last night, Oct 3, 2014, during his performance at the House of Blues in Chicago.  

BB King was born in 1925 making him 89 years of age. It’s amazing that he still performs. If this news turns out to be not good, I for one am worried of losing another Blues Giant in addition to Johnny Winters.

Click here for more info about BB.King and the original article.

BB King Cancels 8 Shows and is rushed to hospital.

BB King Cancels 8 Shows and is rushed to hospital.

Johnny Winter, Rest in Peace

Johnny Winter

Legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter passed away on Thursday, July 17th at the age of 70. He was on tour, celebrating his 70th birthday, when he passed away in hotel room in Switzerland. He had just played the Lovely Days Festival in Wiesen, in Austria, this last weekend.


Winter released his first album, ‘The Progressive Blues Experiment’ in 1968, and things took off. Rolling Stone sang his praises, and the next year he played a great set at Woodstock, followed close by the release of his second album.


Johnny Winter 1969 Mean Town Blues at Woodstock 1969


 In 1977 he’d get to work with one of his boyhood heroes, Muddy Waters. He produced and played on four albums, three of which won Grammy Awards. Several Johnny Winter albums would get Grammy nominations, too, but never won.


Winter started early, in the late 50s. At the age of 15 he had songs on the radio with his band Johnny and the Jammers, with his younger brother Edgar on piano. Winters was hanging out at black blues clubs in Beaumont, TX, occasionally sitting in with Blues legends like Muddy Waters and Bobby Bland.


Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty – SXSW 2014 Accepted Film


A memorable moment came for Johnny Winter at 17, when BB King came to town.


“I went with my band, and I really wanted B.B. to hear me play, because I loved B.B.’s music and I wanted to show him what I could do. So I sent some of my friends over to ask him if it’d be OK,” Winter says. “He was having tax problems at the time, and he thought — us being the only white people in there — that we’d come from the IRS to bust him for his taxes.”
After some prodding, though, King relented and invited Winter onstage to perform.
“He didn’t know whether I could play or not,” Winter says, chuckling. “I think he was just so glad that we didn’t come to mess with him about his taxes, he didn’t care.”


A new Johnny Winter album, ‘Step Back,’ is due out in September, and includes Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, and Joe Perry from Aerosmith.


Johnny Winter Live Copenhagen 1970 Full Show