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The Blues Dude – Video & Audio Production

Hey all you fans out there! We just put this video together for your Blues listening pleasure. I’m just doing a little traditional style blues improvisation at Pinetop Recording Studio in the Poconos. My buddy Carlo and I combined forces to create this video with stunning audio and video. Together we probably used a total of $10,000 worth of pro equipment to make it sound and look as good as it does. Hope you enjoy listening to The Blues Dude, Jeremiah Williams, play some Blues improvisation for you.

Thanks everyone for watching and we both hope you enjoyed it!

Bushstock 2015 rained applause from above!

Bushstock 2015 was held at Petrizzo’s restaurant in Bushkill, Pennsylvania during the weekend of the 11th, 12th, and 13th of September. Its always the first weekend after labor day BTW. This year the line-up was better than ever. All local musicians who have been entertaining the Pocono area for many years, some for over 30 years. The line-up was as follows.

BushStock 2015, benefitting The Monroe County Diabetes Society, this weekend 9/11-9/13. At Petrizzo’s Restaurant in Bushkill PA.

Friday at 6 , Cush Read is hosting an open jam. Bring your instruments and come out and play. Drums and bass will be on hand!
Saturday’s Line Up:

Katlyn Lucia-2:00 , Bill Horton & Friends-2:30 , Jeff Gibbons-3:15 , Inconceivable-3:45 , Blue Jay-4:30 , Gary Curtis Allstars-5:00 , Professor Michael Kessler-5:45 , The Blues Dude-6:15 , Tc Carpenter- 7:00 , Bobby White & The Bushmasters-7:30
Sunday’s Line Up:

2:00 The Rock Monsters, 3:00 Harry And Co, 3:30 South Of The Peak, 4:00 Diane And Willy, 4:30 The Goods , 5:00 Mondogs, 5:30 Non Stop Denny, 6:30 Peter Holland


A sincere thanks to Chris London and John Petrizzo for making this possible. The proceeds were sent to the Monroe County Diabetes Association. Here is a video from #thebluesdude. If you couldn’t make it, there is always next year.


Gary Curtis 2015 Was A Blast!

The Blues Dude - Jeremiah Wiliams

The Blues Dude – Jeremiah Williams

From all of us, we just wanted to say thanks to all who attended and screamed, danced and hollered holy hell!! We all had such a good time performing for you! What an amazing audience you all were. We were told that we would be asked to play again next year.  We will see you again soon.

Gary Curtis left us with a ton of wonderful music which has been an inspiration to me and my band. From the first album we heard by No Money Down until now Gary Curtis has been revitalizing blues music in the Pocono Mountains through our music and many others.

Thanks again and keep checking the site for updates on dates and upcoming events that we will be performing at. We will be updating the site with some photos from the gig as well.

Stay tuned folks.

Sadly, B.B. KING cancels 8 shows

Mr. King fell ill last night, Oct 3, 2014, during his performance at the House of Blues in Chicago.  

BB King was born in 1925 making him 89 years of age. It’s amazing that he still performs. If this news turns out to be not good, I for one am worried of losing another Blues Giant in addition to Johnny Winters.

Click here for more info about BB.King and the original article.

BB King Cancels 8 Shows and is rushed to hospital.

BB King Cancels 8 Shows and is rushed to hospital.

Annual Bushstock 2014 – Sep 5th, 6th, and 7th – Live Music – Your all invited!!

Your all invited to Bushstock 2014, a 3 day 2 night festival right in your own backyard Poconos. The weekend will be filled with the cream of the crop of the local talent which reside in the Pocono Mountains. There will be some guests from out of town but John Petrizzo owner of Petrizzo’s restaurant on 209 in downtown Bushkill, Pennsylvania, and founder of the annual Bushstock festival wanted to keep the locals fed by boosting the local economy, community and Monroe County Diabetes Society.

The Blues Dude(Jeremiah Williams) and friends, Tony Dellaria – Drums, Rick Madigan – Bass, Dwight Spencer – Keys, will be closing out Saturday night with some soulful Blues of old and new. The band will be combining many styles of Blues like Texas Blues, Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, and much more. With a blend of cover songs that blues fans will recognize to some more obscure blues, everyone is sure to have  a great time. We encourage singing and dancing the night away.

BushStock 2014, will be a benefit for the Monroe County Diabetes Society. The dates are September 5th 6th and 7th, and its located at Petrizzo’s, 6171 Milford Rd, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302. There will be over 20 great acts, 2 stages, and a laid back atmosphere. There’s a $10 donation for each day, or all 3 for $25.

Tickets can be purchased on Main St., Stroudsburg, at Scarpelli’s Italian Specialties, The Gamer’s Edge, and Main St. Jukebox and also at the door. Since this events proceeds will go to benefit the Monroe County Diabetes Society, you can feel good about the donation going to a good local cause. The Monroe county diabetes foundation is in need of donations and they will continue to help the local population of Monroe and surrounding counties as much as possible.

The Monroe County Diabetes Society was established in 1987 as a non-profit charitable organization. All funds received go directly to assisting diabetics in Monroe County. Each year the MCDS sends children to special diabetic camps, to learn to manage their diabetes and interact with others who share their condition, In addition, MCDS, will provide temporary diabetic supplies and assistance to residents diabetics. The officers and staff are volunteers and their office space and supplies are donated by other local non-profit organizations.

The local schedule is as follows and we wanted to give a sincere thanks to Chris London of Friars Point and John Petrizzo for putting forth all the effort for such a great cause; to bring good music to the good people of the Poconos, while also benefitting the Monroe County Diabetes Association.

 BushStock 2014

Friday 9/5/2014
Starting at 6PM on Stage 2
Spencer Reed
Prof. Kessler
Chris London Band
Alex Maxwell
…..and more
Saturday 9/6/2014
GC All Stars Stage 1 2:00 PM
Katyln Lucio Stage 2 2:55 PM
Juggernaut String Band Stage 1 3:50 PM
Rob Carlton Stage 2 4:45 PM
Blind Men Driving Stage 1 5:35 PM
Pieter Holland Stage 2 6:30 PM
The Fangs Stage 1 7:25 PM
Don Hoffman Stage 2 8:20 PM

The Blues Dude Stage 1 9:00 PM on Saturday night!!

Sunday 9/7/2014
The Duo Woodrow Stage 2 2:00 PM
Dennis Grove & Friends Stage 1 2:50 PM
SheilaMark Stage 2 3:40 PM
South Of Peak Stage 1 4:30 PM
Cush Read Stage 2 5:20 PM
Friar’s Point Stage 1 6:10 PM
The Griz Band Stage 2 7:00 PM


The Facebook Page is located at

Johnny Winter, Rest in Peace

Johnny Winter

Legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter passed away on Thursday, July 17th at the age of 70. He was on tour, celebrating his 70th birthday, when he passed away in hotel room in Switzerland. He had just played the Lovely Days Festival in Wiesen, in Austria, this last weekend.


Winter released his first album, ‘The Progressive Blues Experiment’ in 1968, and things took off. Rolling Stone sang his praises, and the next year he played a great set at Woodstock, followed close by the release of his second album.


Johnny Winter 1969 Mean Town Blues at Woodstock 1969


 In 1977 he’d get to work with one of his boyhood heroes, Muddy Waters. He produced and played on four albums, three of which won Grammy Awards. Several Johnny Winter albums would get Grammy nominations, too, but never won.


Winter started early, in the late 50s. At the age of 15 he had songs on the radio with his band Johnny and the Jammers, with his younger brother Edgar on piano. Winters was hanging out at black blues clubs in Beaumont, TX, occasionally sitting in with Blues legends like Muddy Waters and Bobby Bland.


Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty – SXSW 2014 Accepted Film


A memorable moment came for Johnny Winter at 17, when BB King came to town.


“I went with my band, and I really wanted B.B. to hear me play, because I loved B.B.’s music and I wanted to show him what I could do. So I sent some of my friends over to ask him if it’d be OK,” Winter says. “He was having tax problems at the time, and he thought — us being the only white people in there — that we’d come from the IRS to bust him for his taxes.”
After some prodding, though, King relented and invited Winter onstage to perform.
“He didn’t know whether I could play or not,” Winter says, chuckling. “I think he was just so glad that we didn’t come to mess with him about his taxes, he didn’t care.”


A new Johnny Winter album, ‘Step Back,’ is due out in September, and includes Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, and Joe Perry from Aerosmith.


Johnny Winter Live Copenhagen 1970 Full Show

Your Invited to the 6th Annual Gary Curtis Memorial Blues Picnic

On July 12th of this weekend, the 6th annual Gary Curtis Memorial Picnic benefitting the Monroe County Diabetes Association, will take place at the American Legion in East Stroudsburg at :201 E 5th St East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. The live musical entertainment will begin at 2pm and go util about 7pm at night. The line-up this year will be even more fantastic than last year, if that is even possible. There will be tons of homemade food and drinks available for purchase. The suggested donation is only ever $10 dollars which will pay for itself by the time you leave the venue.

Gary Curtis 6th Memorial Picnic

The line-up will include the following

  • Harpoon Johnny Petrizzo, owner of the popular destination restaurant and Tiki bar located  in downtown Bushkill,  will be playing and singing some popular classic rock tunes.
  • The Blues Dude and Friends, this will include yours truly, myself The Blues Dude on lead guitar and vocals, Tony Dellaria on drums, Rick “longhair” Madigan on bass, and an actual member of Gary Curtis’s band, Dwight Spencer on keys.
  • The ShielaMark Band playing an authentic hammond B3 organ and singing some familiar tunes.
  • Professor Kessler singing and performing short comedy routines.
  • A new mystery group called “The Fangs”
  • Friars Point playing some bluesy classics along with their own unique blend of tasty originals.
  • Finally to close it out The Gary Curtis All-Stars will be covering numerous Gary Curtis originals. Members are John O’Carrol on Vocals and guitar, The Blues Dude on lead and rhythm guitar, Tony Dellaria on Drums, Rick Madigan on Bass, & Dwight Spencer on keys and organ.

There will be tons of food to eat, beverages to drink; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, a great blend of old and new local talent and of course there may be some raffles and door prizes this year as well. Come early and stay late!! See you there.

Here is one of the last videos taken of Gary Curtis playing the amazing song Sally’s Playing Bingo with Dwight Spencer and others. We all miss you and are grateful for the wonderful music you have bestowed upon us.

The Blues Dude & Friends Played the Farda’s Landscaping Backyard Birthday Bash

On Saturday June 7th, at around 2:00, The Blues Dude and his friends played the backyard birthday bash right in the Pocono Mountains. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and the crowd was even better. By the end of the show, everyone at the was pouring out praise for the band. The band played some familiar songs with a mix-in of a few newer blues songs. There was some Delta Blues; namely Muddy Waters. The band also played some newer Blues by artist like Mose Alison and BB. King. They played well today. The band made a lot of people really happy today. People were dancing and singing. Some even mentioned that they recognized a few of the songs.

The Blues Dude and Friends Playing Blues in the Poconos

The Blues Dude and Friends – left to right – Rick Madigan – Bass, Dwight Spencer – Keys, Jeremiah Williams – The Blues Dude – Tony Dellaria – Drums. Photo Credit- Roger Dellaria.

To mix things up a bit the band threw in a couple of laid back jazz songs such as Blue Bossa, and their own sweetened version of Miles Davis’ All Blues. The Blues Dude doesn’t try and recycle the same old song the same old way everyone plays it. The Blues Dude adds a twist to make it his own, while still keeping the song together and recognizable.

The Blues Dude & Friends consisted of the following members, Tony Dellaria on drums, Rick Madigan on Bass, Dwight Spencer on keys and Jeremiah Williams on Lead Vocals and Guitar.

The Blues Dude Jam-Along Free Blues Backing Tracks


Hey everyone, after a long battle with time, I finally had a moment to record this heavily requested free jam-track or play along Blues song for all you aspiring musicians out there. You can jam along with a guitar or a bass or even a keyboard. I laid out the rhythm guitar track and the drums just to keep the groove going. I didn’t want to play too much so you can get the most out of the practice as possible.

The reason I have put this together is because I have been so busy I just haven’t been able to find the time to jam with all my friends I know and friends I haven’t met yet. SO here you are a blues play along track in the key of E, recorded at 82 beats per minute. You can really go nuts on this one. I kept it nice a simple for you so you can take it where you want to go. Have fun jamming along with this blues track I made for you.

This Blues play along track was recorded in right here in the Poconos, in my hometown of Stroudsburg, PA. We have a up and coming Blues scene here and we are proud of how far we have come. If you in the Poconos and you get a chance, come see me, The Blues Dude, play a Blues show. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you love this jam track and if you would like to request anything special please send me a message, I personally check all my messages when time allows. Thanks for all your support.


Recording Guitar and Vocals with A Home Computer

The Blues Dude - Ik Multimedia

Here I am using the goto device the iRig for quick and painless recordings

With all the major advances that have been made in the last few years, there is no excuse to not be recording your guitar and vocals with your own home recording setup. The computing power that most of us have at home now is equal or better than that of a professional studio in the 90’s. Also, it just isn’t as complicated as it used to be. Outlined below are methods and devices that anyone can use to accomplish home recording regardless of your level of technical knowhow.

The items needed to record at home are a computer, an interface, and your instrument. By instrument it can be anything from a guitar to a wind instrument, or even just a microphone for a vocal track. We will start with the assumption that you already know how to connect a usb cable or just a line in to your sound input and install your device into your computer.


For recording it pays to be a guitar or bass player because the sound is already converted into electricity by the guitars pickups. So, the absolute most inexpensive way to record your guitar/bass into a computer is to buy a device called an iRIg by IK Multimedia. It usually runs around 39.99 and it connects right to your sound jack on your computer while allowing your headphones to be plugged in for monitoring yourself without any external noise. This way you can get a great recording at 3 am and no neighbors, parents, or roommates will be disturbed.

AmpliTube iRig - Mobile Guitar Interface for iPhone/iPad

The iRig claims it is only good for use in your iPhone, iPod, or other compatible mobile device, but this just is not true. I have used this device plugged right into my computers microphone input and it sounds just fine. If you like, you can certainly use your phone or iPad to do this because then you will get a free bonus; the Amplitube software. This method would be considered analog to analog to digital which forces the conversion to the responsibility of the computer or device it’s plugged into. For $99 there is a higher quality method that converts the signal before it’s gets to your computer, which will increase the quality and overall sound of the recording.

Once you have your guitar/bass plugged in to your iPhone/iPad download the free Amplitube app. Amplitube offers access to a multitrack recorder with built in live digital amp-modeling effects. There do offer a free version, but like anything in the app world the in-app purchases will enable the really cool stuff to happen. However, even the free built in sounds are fantastic and professional enough.

For a higher grade of recording there is another device called the iRig HD. The iRig HD – High-Quality Guitar Interface for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad now does the audio conversion for you, where it should happen, before it gets to the computer or device. This way the device can use its power to record your signal and it won’t waste resources on converting your signal from analog to digital. Which means you will have more signal and less noise in your recording and an overall much better recording of your guitar/bass. This is only $99 Bucks.


For vocals IK Multimedia offers a few professional grade products, all which are an extremely good value to a singer at home or out in the field; the iRig mic HD and the iRig Pro. Both of these devices can be used with mobile devices or at your own home recording studio. The iRig Mic HD is a fantastic product for live, studio, and electronic field production. The only drawback with the iRig Mic HD is that you do not have a choice over which microphone you choose. You must use the one that is supplied with the product. This device does the the 24-bit analog to digital conversion inside the microphone. In one regard it’s extremely easy to setup and get started recording your hit single.

ALL-IN-ONE – (yes even midi)

The iRig pro is the flagship IK Multimedia product. It can interface with an analog guitar / bass / keyboard / and even has a midi input. This device can also be used with any computer Mac or PC that has a USB input or an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. This device is the most versatile of all, and has every feature the other devices mentioned here do also. The advantages of owning this product are great.

IK Multimedia

The iRig Pro HD offers flexibility most of all. It is not microphone dependent, which means you can use any quality mic you already own or plan to buy. This device works flawlessly with Garageband and Logic and many other common Digital Audio Workstations. Another major advantage this device offers is its ability to be used in the field. If you are recording an interview or just going to do a mobile recording session for someone other than yourself, you are in luck. Just bring your iPhone/iPad/iPod or portable laptop and you’re good to go. This is a professional device and by no means should be considered amateur.