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Bushstock 2015 rained applause from above!

Bushstock 2015 was held at Petrizzo’s restaurant in Bushkill, Pennsylvania during the weekend of the 11th, 12th, and 13th of September. Its always the first weekend after labor day BTW. This year the line-up was better than ever. All local musicians who have been entertaining the Pocono area for many years, some for over 30 years. The line-up was as follows.

BushStock 2015, benefitting The Monroe County Diabetes Society, this weekend 9/11-9/13. At Petrizzo’s Restaurant in Bushkill PA.

Friday at 6 , Cush Read is hosting an open jam. Bring your instruments and come out and play. Drums and bass will be on hand!
Saturday’s Line Up:

Katlyn Lucia-2:00 , Bill Horton & Friends-2:30 , Jeff Gibbons-3:15 , Inconceivable-3:45 , Blue Jay-4:30 , Gary Curtis Allstars-5:00 , Professor Michael Kessler-5:45 , The Blues Dude-6:15 , Tc Carpenter- 7:00 , Bobby White & The Bushmasters-7:30
Sunday’s Line Up:

2:00 The Rock Monsters, 3:00 Harry And Co, 3:30 South Of The Peak, 4:00 Diane And Willy, 4:30 The Goods , 5:00 Mondogs, 5:30 Non Stop Denny, 6:30 Peter Holland


A sincere thanks to Chris London and John Petrizzo for making this possible. The proceeds were sent to the Monroe County Diabetes Association. Here is a video from #thebluesdude. If you couldn’t make it, there is always next year.


Annual Bushstock 2014 – Sep 5th, 6th, and 7th – Live Music – Your all invited!!

Your all invited to Bushstock 2014, a 3 day 2 night festival right in your own backyard Poconos. The weekend will be filled with the cream of the crop of the local talent which reside in the Pocono Mountains. There will be some guests from out of town but John Petrizzo owner of Petrizzo’s restaurant on 209 in downtown Bushkill, Pennsylvania, and founder of the annual Bushstock festival wanted to keep the locals fed by boosting the local economy, community and Monroe County Diabetes Society.

The Blues Dude(Jeremiah Williams) and friends, Tony Dellaria – Drums, Rick Madigan – Bass, Dwight Spencer – Keys, will be closing out Saturday night with some soulful Blues of old and new. The band will be combining many styles of Blues like Texas Blues, Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, and much more. With a blend of cover songs that blues fans will recognize to some more obscure blues, everyone is sure to have  a great time. We encourage singing and dancing the night away.

BushStock 2014, will be a benefit for the Monroe County Diabetes Society. The dates are September 5th 6th and 7th, and its located at Petrizzo’s, 6171 Milford Rd, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302. There will be over 20 great acts, 2 stages, and a laid back atmosphere. There’s a $10 donation for each day, or all 3 for $25.

Tickets can be purchased on Main St., Stroudsburg, at Scarpelli’s Italian Specialties, The Gamer’s Edge, and Main St. Jukebox and also at the door. Since this events proceeds will go to benefit the Monroe County Diabetes Society, you can feel good about the donation going to a good local cause. The Monroe county diabetes foundation is in need of donations and they will continue to help the local population of Monroe and surrounding counties as much as possible.

The Monroe County Diabetes Society was established in 1987 as a non-profit charitable organization. All funds received go directly to assisting diabetics in Monroe County. Each year the MCDS sends children to special diabetic camps, to learn to manage their diabetes and interact with others who share their condition, In addition, MCDS, will provide temporary diabetic supplies and assistance to residents diabetics. The officers and staff are volunteers and their office space and supplies are donated by other local non-profit organizations.

The local schedule is as follows and we wanted to give a sincere thanks to Chris London of Friars Point and John Petrizzo for putting forth all the effort for such a great cause; to bring good music to the good people of the Poconos, while also benefitting the Monroe County Diabetes Association.

 BushStock 2014

Friday 9/5/2014
Starting at 6PM on Stage 2
Spencer Reed
Prof. Kessler
Chris London Band
Alex Maxwell
…..and more
Saturday 9/6/2014
GC All Stars Stage 1 2:00 PM
Katyln Lucio Stage 2 2:55 PM
Juggernaut String Band Stage 1 3:50 PM
Rob Carlton Stage 2 4:45 PM
Blind Men Driving Stage 1 5:35 PM
Pieter Holland Stage 2 6:30 PM
The Fangs Stage 1 7:25 PM
Don Hoffman Stage 2 8:20 PM

The Blues Dude Stage 1 9:00 PM on Saturday night!!

Sunday 9/7/2014
The Duo Woodrow Stage 2 2:00 PM
Dennis Grove & Friends Stage 1 2:50 PM
SheilaMark Stage 2 3:40 PM
South Of Peak Stage 1 4:30 PM
Cush Read Stage 2 5:20 PM
Friar’s Point Stage 1 6:10 PM
The Griz Band Stage 2 7:00 PM


The Facebook Page is located at

Best Harmonica Amp The Blues Dude Ever Heard!!

Kendrick Amp

Taken at Bushstock, Bushkill PA, Sep 9th, by Jeremiah Williams.

As many of you may already know, Bushstock ended yesterday and there were many fantastic bands that played. Most of the bands that played, I would consider to be Blues Bands. Many Blues bands, since Muddy Waters in the 40’s, use a harmonica to get that authentic blues sound. There was one band that played that call themselves The Kelchner Brothers, that had one of the best Blues Harp players I have ever heard. His name is Jansen Kelchner and he is only thirteen years old.
Jansen’s Blues Harp playing was phenomenal due to a combination of many factors. The first factor being his unbridled talent. His licks and tasteful blues accompaniments sounded like the real thing. According to their website he has been getting lessons from many of the great sounding blues bands in the Lehigh Valley. The James Supra Blues band and the Eddie Bluestone Trio has takes these young brothers under their wings. Clearly these kids are heading for a life of fame and music if they stick with it.
The other contributing factor to the amazingly accurate sound of the blues was his gear. Jenses plays out of a Kendrick Harp amplifier. The amp is from the Texas Crude series and it looks like their best model for harps. The sound that this amp made was perfect. It laid beautifully in the mix and just complemented everything that was going on soundwise. The dirty and gritty amp had a gain that was so clear and perfect, it would be suitable for any harp player. Usually, when I hear harp players, their sound almost overloads your ear so nothing else can be heard. But this amp was perfect for the harp, not too distorted and not too clean either. It seems that is just what you get when you buy a hand wired amplifier from Kendrick Amplifiers.
I just couldn’t believe this kid was only thirteen. It was the highlight of the Bushstock festival for me. You can find more of the Kendrick amps at their