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Carryin' on the Blues legacy

The Blues Dude – Video & Audio Production

Hey all you fans out there! We just put this video together for your Blues listening pleasure. I’m just doing a little traditional style blues improvisation at Pinetop Recording Studio in the Poconos. My buddy Carlo and I combined forces to create this video with stunning audio and video. Together we probably used a total of $10,000 worth of pro equipment to make it sound and look as good as it does. Hope you enjoy listening to The Blues Dude, Jeremiah Williams, play some Blues improvisation for you.

Thanks everyone for watching and we both hope you enjoyed it!

Bushstock 2015 rained applause from above!

Bushstock 2015 was held at Petrizzo’s restaurant in Bushkill, Pennsylvania during the weekend of the 11th, 12th, and 13th of September. Its always the first weekend after labor day BTW. This year the line-up was better than ever. All local musicians who have been entertaining the Pocono area for many years, some for over 30 years. The line-up was as follows.

BushStock 2015, benefitting The Monroe County Diabetes Society, this weekend 9/11-9/13. At Petrizzo’s Restaurant in Bushkill PA.

Friday at 6 , Cush Read is hosting an open jam. Bring your instruments and come out and play. Drums and bass will be on hand!
Saturday’s Line Up:

Katlyn Lucia-2:00 , Bill Horton & Friends-2:30 , Jeff Gibbons-3:15 , Inconceivable-3:45 , Blue Jay-4:30 , Gary Curtis Allstars-5:00 , Professor Michael Kessler-5:45 , The Blues Dude-6:15 , Tc Carpenter- 7:00 , Bobby White & The Bushmasters-7:30
Sunday’s Line Up:

2:00 The Rock Monsters, 3:00 Harry And Co, 3:30 South Of The Peak, 4:00 Diane And Willy, 4:30 The Goods , 5:00 Mondogs, 5:30 Non Stop Denny, 6:30 Peter Holland


A sincere thanks to Chris London and John Petrizzo for making this possible. The proceeds were sent to the Monroe County Diabetes Association. Here is a video from #thebluesdude. If you couldn’t make it, there is always next year.


The Blues Dude & Friends Played the Farda’s Landscaping Backyard Birthday Bash

On Saturday June 7th, at around 2:00, The Blues Dude and his friends played the backyard birthday bash right in the Pocono Mountains. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and the crowd was even better. By the end of the show, everyone at the was pouring out praise for the band. The band played some familiar songs with a mix-in of a few newer blues songs. There was some Delta Blues; namely Muddy Waters. The band also played some newer Blues by artist like Mose Alison and BB. King. They played well today. The band made a lot of people really happy today. People were dancing and singing. Some even mentioned that they recognized a few of the songs.

The Blues Dude and Friends Playing Blues in the Poconos

The Blues Dude and Friends – left to right – Rick Madigan – Bass, Dwight Spencer – Keys, Jeremiah Williams – The Blues Dude – Tony Dellaria – Drums. Photo Credit- Roger Dellaria.

To mix things up a bit the band threw in a couple of laid back jazz songs such as Blue Bossa, and their own sweetened version of Miles Davis’ All Blues. The Blues Dude doesn’t try and recycle the same old song the same old way everyone plays it. The Blues Dude adds a twist to make it his own, while still keeping the song together and recognizable.

The Blues Dude & Friends consisted of the following members, Tony Dellaria on drums, Rick Madigan on Bass, Dwight Spencer on keys and Jeremiah Williams on Lead Vocals and Guitar.

The Blues Dude shares some Blues-Jazz guitar improvisation with you

Hi all you Blues fans out there in cyberspace!! I, the Blues Dude, have thrown together a fun video of myself to keep you guys interested in The Blues Dude. If I don’t keep uploading new stuff as much as possible I am not doing my fans justice. I have just been so busy with school and all that playing has turned into mostly practicing these days. But it’s cool with me, becuase I just keep getting better for the next time you see me play live.

A little about my style
I have been doing a lot more songs lately without a pick or a plectrum. I have found the thump of the thumb for the bass strings is more pleasing and rythmic. This particular style is a hybrid between a rockabilly style and a Joe Pass style. It is a lot of fun to play and it works well with no backup musicians. I like to be able to play solo like Robert Johnson and the forerunners of blues like Reverend Gary Davis. For my next video I will put up some vocals along with some finger style picking. The piece I like so much about jazz is the rhythms. I can really get in front of the beat with jazz and also stay far behind with lots of anticipation. I enjoy listening to Miles Davis as well for that reason. It sounds to me like Miles is playing so in front of the beat or behind that it almost sounds like a completely different song.


Blues Dude & Friends Playing Bushstock Sep 8th!

Bushstock Music Festival

Bushstock Music Festival, featuring a great line-up of bands, including The Blues Dude

To all my fans that are and fans to be, I just want to say thanks for helping to make this past summer the most successful summer we have ever had. The Blues Dude & Friends got invited to play more venues than ever before and is still getting invited to play a few more places, while the warm weather is still holding out for us.
I wanted to personally invite everybody out to our next gig. The location is Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar located on 209 Bushkill. It will be a great line-up that day since there will be many other great bands playing that day. Personally I am very excited to see and hear everyone.
The line-up is as follows –

  • 2:00 – (MYSELF) The Blues Dude & Friends
  • 2:50 – Nite Train
  • 3:30 – T-Birds
  • 4:30 – Niwana & Bill
  • 4:45 – The Kelchner Brothers
  • 5:30 – The Don Hoffman Band
  • 6:30 – Friars Point
  • 7:15 – James Supra Band
  • 8:00 – Eddie Bluestone Trio
  • 9:00 – Freefall
  • 9:30 – (MYSELF) The Gary Curtis All Stars, featuring The Blues Dude

There will be something there for everyone.
The Price is affordable for everyone!! Just 10 Dollars for the Day!! Can’t Beat that. Part of the proceeds will go to the Monroe Country Diabetes Foundation and to make the event possible.

The Blues Dude Plays Sarah Street Bar And Grill in Stroudsburg

The Blues Dude had a great time playing at the Open Mic at Sarah St. Bar and Grill in Stroudsburg, PA. The blues dude got a once in a lifetime opportunity, to sing with Liz Starship. The blues dude has always wondered though, is that her real last name? We sang and played together The Thrill is Gone by BB King. What a great time we had. There is nothing like a crowd that is so happy to see you play that they want to join you. The Blues scene in Stroudsburg is definitely growing. The blues dude will play with anybody who knows the blues. If you ever had a bad day, you know what the Blues are all about. If you ever got fired from a job you loved, you know what the blues are all about. If you ever got ditched by the woman you love, you know what the blues is all about. Here are a few pictures that Ricky Delgado took of the Blues Dude playing blues at Sarah St. Bar and Grill. Thanks so much Rick!!! Your pics are the best!!!

The Blues Dude - Photo taken in Stroudsburg, PA at Sarah St. Bar And Grill By Ricky Delgado

The Blues Dude – Photo taken in Stroudsburg, PA at Sarah St. Bar And Grill By Ricky Delgado

Playing some Blues at The Dellaria’s

On June 16th, 2012, the Blues Dude was jamming it up with many great musicians. The Blues Dude ( Jeremiah Williams) was caught live in the act of blasting his blues tone out of his Fender Blues Deluxe at the Dellaria’s annual picnic. This year He was joined by many amazingly talented musicians such as, John O’Carroll (guitar and vox), Dwight Spencer (tickling the ivories), John Aglemeyer (lead vocals & Bass Synth), Tony Dellaria (Drums), Jay Rodriguez ( Latin Percussion), and many, many more. Fun was had by all who attended!! Thanks again to the Dellaria Family, Beatrice, Alison, Angela, and Tony, for putting this all together.

The Blues Dude - Jeremiah Williams

Photo By Elisa True – From left to right – The Blues Dude – Tony Dellaria (drums) – John O’Carrol ( Guitar and Vocals) – Jay Rodriguez ( percussion).

Who is Dwight Spencer?

Dwight Spencer Poconos Blues Keyboard Player

Dwight Spencer at the Annual Chris London (Friars Point) Blues Jam

Dwight Spencer is one of the Poconos’ hidden musical gems. He has been playing keyboard with local musicians, for over 40 years. Dwight may have actually played with every single blues musician, in the Poconos, at least once. The list of people he has played with, and met, is so enormous that the list would fill volumes of books. From what I have gathered so far, Dwight Spencer has played with the late Gary Curtis in No Money Down; The Blues Brethren – featuring Chris Barnes; and currently is playing keys in the most popular local blues band, in the Poconos, called Friars Point. I have had the distinct honor and privilege of being part of his recent ascension to local fame, by being a guitarist, in the Blues Brethren, with Dwight himself. “Dwight is a fantastic traditional player of the blues” states The Blues Dude. Dwight really captures a good deal of history in his playing, due to his immense laundry list of experienced blues players he has played with. If you are looking for that authentic blues keyboard sound check out Dwight Spencer in Friars Point.


Below you will find a link of a video provided by Chris London (Friars Point), a Poconos Blues Guitar Legend, this was taken a long time ago.