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A photograph of The Blues Dude Playing Guitar

This is a picture of Jeremiah Williams AKA The Blues Dude. Photo taken By Elisa True-Byrne.

Upcoming Shows

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The Blues Dude and his friends play a variety of music which includes a tasteful blend from the start of the blues to the modern blues of today. At every gig the Blues Dude plays there will be at least one or two familiar songs played in a way which both honors the past and respects the progress of Blues music today. The Blues Dude and his band play many styles of Blues ranging from Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Stevie ray Vaughan, ZZ top all the way to Robben Ford, Robin Trauer, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray. With a list of songs that total a span of over 70 years, everybody is sure to enjoy the music and also discover something new.

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Jeremiah Williams, Tony Dellaria, Rick Madigan